Energryn Corporation

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The “Energryn Project” was conceived in the early 21st century by a group of scientists, economists and lawyers. Driven by the belief that invention is the highest-value and most interesting part of the company value chain, the founders set-out to build a company that would focus exclusively on inventing and the business of invention. The final result of this original project was Energryn Corporation. Energryn ‘s goal is to assemble a world-class team to invent and invest in inventions with the intent of creating a place where companies and the public can be assured fair access to innovation. In order to successfully pursue this vision, Energryn has recruited some of the brightest minds in business, technology, renewable energies and intellectual property. Energryn is coming up with new inventions and exploring invention investment opportunities in a wide variety of renewable energy areas. Energryn is also exploring a wide range of commercialization models with a goal of creating joint ventures and agreement strategies with third parties.