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Our goal is to ‘make life fun.’ Tens of millions users have installed social apps built by Juxta Labs. We create entertaining social experiences by adhering to three essential pillars: self-expression, competition and enabling users to build relationships with friends and family.

Founded in 2006, Juxta Labs Inc.’s innovation of the social gaming experience stems from our belief that social gaming should be more than viral, it should be intensely social. Our innovative Facebook applications and games including Zoomed In have drawn in over 35 million users worldwide.


Juxta Labs Builds Mobile App for PBS
In 2013 Juxta Labs partnered with PBS to build their first mobile game. Based off their extremely popular Zoomed In Photo Game Juxta Labs created the PBS Big Picture Challenge.
PBS Big Picture Challenge App

iOS Apps

Little Riddles – Word Game
Little Riddles is a mobile app word guessing game available on iOS and Android devices wher you guess the word. Every level has a new riddle and clue and there are 100’s of levels to play.
iPhone & iPad

Android Apps

Download Android Apps From Juxta Labs
Juxta Labs works very hard to make games that are intensely social. Choose from seven great Android games that promote self-expression, competition and enable users to build relationships with friends and family. Google Play