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MFM is a financial institution in the process of becoming a bank. Their main objective is to provide innovative financial products such as a Line of Credit OPM (Opportunity Masters), specialized in providing immediate availability of resources to capitalize strategic opportunities and solve eventualities that come with the growth of successful companies that deals with imports and exports. MFM


Competitiveness … A treat worth getting – MFM
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become better; you are a leader. “- Jack Welch

Today in business, we must establish competitive advantages that allow us also to maintain leadership in the market conquered, gain entry into new territories and reach transcends borders. Having the ability to measure and know our customers and constantly monitor our competitors, we can then establish, develop and refine the distinctive advantages that will leave us far behind. Competitiveness


Megatrends that change the world – MFM
“Success is like a train that does not happen every day, if you do not go up, another will rise”. – Anonymous

This is a phrase that motivates me every day and makes me want to be the best at what I do and I take advantage of the opportunities presented to me; that is why, to close the 2013 concern me share you a topic that caught my attention arises, it is to the megatrends that will affect the world economy for the coming years so that together we can prepare for the opportunities challenges and live. Megatrends

Global Platform

Mexico, global platform for research and innovation – MFM

“Innovation is what distinguishes a leader of others.” Steve Jobs. Living in an era in which consumers are becoming more demanding and change your preferences from day to day, we must learn to look for innovation within our processes and strategies and substantive so that we can meet your needs. The development in research and innovation of a country is very important because it allows you to maintain your leadership, grow and gain an edge that sets you apart from others. Mexico global Platform


How badly do you want success? – MFM

“The positive habits are like a big heavy wheel. At first roll it costs a lot, but once started, is almost alone, “Jorge Lorenzo (MotoGP professional pilot).

Business growth committed to each and every one of the elements of companies to keep abreast of issues that impact directly and indirectly to its rotation. Promote job talent and potential of the company team is the bridge between vision and success of your business. Success