Argentina | Private | Alta Ventures Mexico is an online whiteboard designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in a playful way. was created to fully unleash the imagination of teams of visual people. Software can empower creativity by being visual, collaborative and playful. Use to combine different arts and people to create a great new project, product or service and get the most out of everyone’s creative flow.


Visual communication application to grow and share ideas gives anyone a place to invite, and assign permissions one by one or with a shared invite link, where they can brainstorm, plan and design in a social environment.

Tech Crunch Opens Its Web-Based Creative Collaboration Platform To The Public
Buenos Aires-based startup opened its doors to the public today, delivering a new way to collect, share and brainstorm on the web. The tool mixes a little bit of Evernote with a whole lot of Prezi, but rather than feel derivative, it instead seems like the next natural step in the ongoing evolution of how we not only think about, but share and collaborate on ideas together online. Tech Crunch

The Next Web takes the pinboard concept literally which calls itself “an innovative online content mural platform,” is launching today with funding from Intel Capital, Alta Ventures and 500 Startups. The new service lets its creators save text, images and video on a zooming Prezi-style board The Next Web