Michael Wolfgramm

Managing Director

Founder, Creator-Inventor, Technology Innovator

Mike Wolfgramm joined the Alta Ventures team in January 2013 as Managing Director, bringing with him deep expertise in a wide range of areas, with special emphasis in high tech.

Mike was the Chief Technology Officer at Ancestry.com. In this role, he was responsible for orchestrating the product development and delivery of the company’s global technologies and services including www.ancestry.com, www.genealogy.com, www.rootsweb.ancestry.com, www.myfamily.com and www.familytreemaker.com. In addition, Wolfgramm had responsibility for the companies Web Operations, IT and IS organizations.

Wolfgramm held multiple positions, including SVP of Engineering, VP of Development and Senior Director of Development since 1999. Wolfgramm’s leadership at Orem-based Ancestry helped the company revolutionize web-based genealogy. His specific contributions helped grow the enterprise significantly resulting in an IPO in Nov 2009. Ancestry.com was recently purchased by Permira www.permira.com for $1.6 billion in December 2012.

Wolfgramm received several technology patents during his tenure at Ancestry.com and was named a member of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs (v|100). Wolfgramm was also selected to serve on Microsoft’s Technical Computing Executive Advisory Council (“TC EAC”) which was composed of thirty-five distinguished researchers and leaders in Technical and High Performance Computing.

Previously Mike served as Director of Development and Senior Architect at Cambridge-based Open Market Inc., an innovator in electronic publishing and e-commerce where he managed the development efforts of the award winning infobase technology application reaching 35 million customers worldwide.

Wolfgramm served in senior development roles at a number of other successful technology and web-based businesses. He began his career at Wordperfect Corporation in Orem, UT.

Mike holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.