AMEXCAP – Mexico VC Day San Francisco 2014

 AMEXCAP – Mexico VC Day San Francisco 2014

The objective of AMEXCAP is to link Mexican Venture Capital funds and organizations involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (Business Accelerators, Incubators, Entrepreneurs and others) with players from USA’s VC network, in order to create relationships that help to develop Venture Capital in Mexic

When: 30th October 2014
Where: W San Francisco Hotel

Paul Ahlstorom to speak at AMEXCAP Mexico VC Day in San Francisco on Panel 4 at 3:30 pm: “Doing Business in Mexico: Investments and Exits”

The Economist Conference 2014 Mexico Summit

The Economist Conference 2014 Mexico Summit 

The Mexico Summit will convene Economist editors, policy-makers, thought-leaders and top business minds to apply fresh-thinking to the key pillars necessary for achieving long-term, sustainable economic growth in Mexico. Attendees will examine the trends likely to spur business innovation over the next 10 years and discuss how Mexico can leverage its position both regionally and globally to ignite economic and social progress.

When: November 5th 2014
Where: The Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City

Paul Ahlstrom to speak on incentivizing innovation and creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and SMEs to thrive in Mexico and Latin America

INCmty Entrepreneur Conference 2013

INCmty Festival Latinoamericano Para Emprendedores Presenta el Tecnológico de Monterrey INCmty, el máximo festival de innovación en México.  INCmty convocará a las mentes más brillantes para que participen en el desarrollo e implementación de soluciones innovadoras que transformenel entorno. Connotadas personalidades de la innovación como Peter Diamandis, Guy Kawasaki, Jack Canfield y Michael Gerber, entre otras, participarán en el evento que tendrá lugar en noviembre 2013.  INCmty reunirá a los personajes que marcan el rumbo del emprendimiento nacional e internacional.

Mexico Trade Mission

Real Salt Lake success prompts Mexico trade mission

Real-logo SALT LAKE CITY — This weekend, the Real Salt Lake soccer club isn’t the only team traveling to Monterrey, Mexico, to take care of business.

While the 2009 MLS champs play Wednesday in the CONCACAF Champions League — an annual international club soccer championship for teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean — a delegation of Utah business leaders will be there to meet with local business leaders to forge ties with one of the most important commercial centers in the northern region of Mexico.

The trade mission was organized by the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce and the Salt Lake Chamber.

While there, business leaders will sign a memorandum of agreement promoting commerce between the Salt Lake Chamber, the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce and two chambers of commerce in Monterrey.

“We are using the power of sport to make business connections and promote international trade,” said Dell Loy Hansen, Utah businessman and co-owner of Real Salt Lake.

Monterrey business leaders will be invited to make a reciprocal visit on April 26, in conjunction with the second leg of the Champions League match at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Business links between Mexico and the United States are important to the vitality of both the Utah and U.S. economies, said Marty Carpenter, Salt Lake Chamber spokesman.

Last year, Utah’s leading export to Mexico was transportation equipment at $96.2 million, followed by chemicals at $77.3 million, mineral ores at $58.6 million and food at $53 million.

Meanwhile, Mexico is Utah’s second-largest trading partner, and a key strategy for growing the U.S. economy and creating more jobs is increasing exports, Carpenter said.

“This trade mission is a double benefit for Utah’s economy,” said Chris Redgrave, Zions Bank senior vice president. “This soccer match will allow business leaders to plant seeds for future business growth.”

One of the existing links between Utah and Nuevo Leon is Utah venture capitalist Paul Ahlstrom, who moved from Utah to Monterrey two years ago when he saw the opportunity to establish Mexico’s venture capital industry. Ahlstrom, co-founder of Utah based vSpring Capital and Kickstart Seed Fund, recently created a new fund in Monterrey called Alta Ventures Mexico.

“Strengthening the business links between Mexico and the U.S. and opening up capital sources for high-growth companies is important to the vitality of both economies and the fastest path to job creation on both sides of the border,” Ahlstrom said. “Alta Ventures Mexico is a bridge between the two countries, providing capital for U.S. companies looking to expand into Mexico and Latin America, and for Mexican companies looking expand their product sales within Mexico and abroad.”

In addition to Ahlstrom and Redgrave, business leaders participating in the trade mission include Fabio DeMelo, vice president of Sandy-based High Protection Co.; Natalie Gochnour, vice president for policy and communications for the Salt Lake Chamber; David Johnson, forecasting and planning manager for Autoliv; Sandy Chamber board member Peggy Larson; and Miguel Rovira, trade representative for the Americas and Travis Sessions with Biometrics.

Monterrey is the capital city of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon and the country’s third-largest metro area and second-largest economy. Monterrey is also a business hub center for companies such as BMW de Mexico, Vitro, Pemex and Lanix Electronics as well as home to many international companies such as Hummer, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota and Whirlpool.

“This is a good place to be if you want to grow your business into Mexico,” Carpenter said.

The Utah Legislature created another potential tie with Nuevo Leon by passing legislation in March that would authorize the Gov. Gary Herbert to negotiate an agreement with the Mexican state to provide workers to Utah. The law would require federal government approval.

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Mexico Venture Capital Conference

Alta Ventures Mexico – Oct 20, 2013
The Monterrey Venture Capital Conference Is Now INCmty Festival

On behalf of the founding sponsors, we are delighted to announce that the momentum the Mexico Venture Capital Conference has created has officially been transferred over to the new INCmty startup conference. With a new sponsors and a dedicated staff of Mexico Venture Capital Professionals the MVCC will live on. Many Mexico and US sponsors are participating this year at The Tech de Monterrey in Mexico, including Alta Ventures Mexico the venture fund that has successfully increased the momentum of Mexico’s Capital Emprendedor (Entrepreneur Capital) Industry. Please join us November 2013 in Monterrey at the INCmty innovation conference as we bring key players into Mexico’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Visit: INCmty Tec de Monterrey Mexico


Alta Ventures Mexico – April 20, 2010
Alta Ventures Launches the E | 100 at the Monterrey Venture Capital Conference

In conjunction with the MVCC and as part of its mission to support entrepreneurship in Mexico, Alta Ventures Mexico is pleased to announce the launch of E|100 2010; E|100 is a program that identifies and recognizes the region’s top 100 entrepreneurs. The members of the E|100 are selected by the community in response to the question, “Who are the entrepreneurs most likely to build a great company in the next 2 or 3 years?”
E | 100 Top One Hundred Entrepreneurs in Mexico


Alta Ventures Mexico – April 22, 2010
Mexico’s Venture Capital Industry Achieves Lift-off

More than 400 people gathered at the Monterrey Venture Capital Conference (MVCC) held at the EGADE business school of the Tec de Monterrey. At the summit Mexico’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators, captains of industry, investors, policymakers and economists joined together to launch Mexico’s venture capital industry. The MVCC was organized by the Tecnologico de Monterrey, the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, and Alta Ventures Mexico.
Monterrey Venture Capital Conference – PDF


Diario de Yucatán – 22 de Abril, 2010
Destaca embajador futuro económico de la relación México EE.UU.

Al impartir una conferencia en el evento ”Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010”, resaltó que la mejor integración de las dos naciones en las últimas décadas se ha traducido en un mayor empleo para México y Estados Unidos.


El Porvenir – 23 de Abril, 2010
La relación e integración entre Estados Unidos y México ha permitido la generación de un mayor número de empleos para ambas naciones.

Al encabezar una conferencia dentro del evento” Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010”, reconoció que con este plan de acción los interéses de cada parte siguen avanzando.


People Daily Spanish – 23 de Abril, 2010
Consideran que integración México-Estados Unidos está basada en mayor empleo bilateral

En la conferencia “Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010”, Pacual dijo que “hemos enfocado la atención en los asuntos de seguridad para crear el espacio en el que podamos hacer todas las cosas de una manera tranquila y poder avanzar en lo económico también”.


El Porvenir – 23 de Abril, 2010
Este es un buen momento para que existan nuevas emisiones de capital en el sistema financiero del país, declaró el presidente de la CNBV, Guillermo Babatz

De visita en la ciudad para participar en el evento “ Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010”, el titular de la CNBV, Guillermo Babatz agregó que durante el 2010 se revelarán las sanciones contra siete emisoras que manipularon información privilegiada y precios en el mercado bursátil mexicano.


People´s Daily Online – April 23, 2010
U.S. diplomat calls for greater U.S.-Mexico economic integration

We have focused on security matters to create the space in which we can work calmly and make progress on the economy as well.


La Jornada, México – 23 de Abril, 2010
La inseguridad la tenemos enfrente y no podemos girar la cabeza: Pascual

Al participar en un reunión con empresarios y académicos, denominada Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010, señaló que la seguridad no es sólo una prioridad para el gobierno mexicano, sino también para el estadunidense.


El Siglo de Durango – 23 de Abril, 2010
El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Conacyt) informó que otorgó apoyos por mil 500 millones de pesos a entidades del país en los últimos dos años.

Al participar en el evento “Monterrey Venture Capital Conference 2010” señaló que la decisión para financiar los proyectos se toma localmente y con ayuda de fondos federales.


PCB Design 007 – 8 de Abril, 2010
Mexico to Hold First Venture Capital Conference

The 2010 Monterrey Venture Capital Conference will bring together leading entrepreneurs, innovators, captains of industry, investors and policymakers from Mexico and the United States. The conference will share knowledge and discuss the growth and future of Mexico’s venture capital industry.


El Norte – 21 de Abril del 2010
Seleccionan a 100 emprendedores

E100 (como se llama el listado) es un programa que reconoce a los emprendedores que la propia comunidad identifica como desarrolladores de proyectos con un alto potencial de crecimiento en los próxi
E |100 Articulo en El Norte – PDF


El Norte – 23 de Abril del 2010
Lanzará Nafin bolsa para firmas pequeñas

“Va a ser una fuente de fondeo adicional a estos proyectos, y es una salida natural para muchos de los fondos (de capital de riesgo)”, detalló Aguilar en entrevista durante el evento Monterrey Venture Capital Conference.
MVCC Articulo en El Norte – PDF


El Norte – 23 de Abril del 2010
Traban a fondos de capital privado

“Es muy importante para un país tener un (amplio) flujo de proyectos, que haya suficientes transacciones para que los que manejan fondos puedan elegir entre diferentes oportunidades de inversión”, explicó ayer en entrevista luego de su participación en el evento “Monterrey Venture Capital Conference”.
MVCC Articulo en El Norte – PDF


El Norte – 25 de Febrero del 2010
Apoyarán proyectos de emprendedores

La empresa de capital de riesgo Alta Ventures México está arrancando en Nuevo León, Coahuila y Tamaulipas una red de 100 emprendedores que tendrán acceso a asesoría, desarrollo de planes de negocios y a reuniones con grupos de inversionistas mexicanos y extranjeros.
E |100 Articulo en El Norte – PDF


El Norte – 13 de Abril del 2010
Relanzarán fondos de capital

La cumbre de “capital ventures” que se realizará próximamente y que lleva por nombre Monterrey, Venture Capital Conference 2010, busca unir esfuerzos para crear un mejor ambiente para la proliferación de fondos de capital de riesgo.
MVCC Articulo en El Norte – PDF


El Norte – 22 de Abril del 2010
Apuestan a proyectos de emprendedores

“Ésta es una nueva generación de fondos de capital y tiene también una nueva visión, además del aprendizaje que dejó el primer intento (hace 10 años)”.
MVCC Articulo en El Norte – PDF

The E | 100 Launched by Alta Ventures Mexico

In conjunction with the MVCC and as part of its mission to support entrepreneurship in Mexico, Alta Ventures Mexico announced the launch of the E|100 program.  In 2010 the E|100 program identified and recognized the region’s top 100 entrepreneurs. The members of the E|100 were selected by the community in response to the question, “Who are the entrepreneurs most likely to build a great company in the next 2 or 3 years?”