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Nuve is an international technology company focused on the emerging field of asset management and fraud prevention. We have a strong research and development team based in Austin, Texas. Nuve capitalizes on its ability to solve problems over a wide range of business sectors worldwide using its patent-pending technology and its fast-concept-to-market strategy thanks to its result-oriented core of engineers.


Austin tech fraud fighter Nuve corrals more investors
Nuve, founded in 2009, develops sensors and software designed to prevent fuel theft. The company has been initially focused on fuel-theft applications in Mexico. In the U.S., it plans to target the prevention of cargo container theft, Arocha said. Biz Journal

IBM Smart Camp

SmartCamp Mexico City Kickstart: Winner Nuve
Last Thursday, IBM held its first Mexico SmartCamp Kickstart event where 5 innovative startups presented their solutions to an audience of over 100 investors, mentors and enthusiasts in the entrepreneurial space. After five intense mentoring panels, the companies delivered their final pitches and Nuve was named the winner. IBM Smart Camp