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Converus (“with truth”) is committed to providing trustworthy, technological solutions for deception detection. EyeDetect™ is an alternative technology for deception detection that is accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure and noninvasive. It allows businesses to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, and assists law enforcement agencies and governments to detect deception.


Deception detection technology with great accuracy.

EyeDetect™ is an innovative solution to enhance your deception detection success

Converus’ team of scientists, the same scientists that invented the computerized polygraph (and are world-renowned polygraph experts), has developed a deception detection method that is efficient, cost effective and accurate. It can be used in conjunction with the polygraph or as an alternative to the polygraph in appropriate applications. Deception causes subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye because it induces cognitive load. Converus’ EyeDetect successfully identifies deception with 85% accuracy by a detailed analysis of the behavior of the eyes in approximately 30-40 minutes.

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Converus Releases First Lie Detection Technology 
That Accurately and Efficiently Reads Eye Behavior
ExpoSeguridad selected as the world stage to introduce Converus’ new deception detection technology EyeDetect™. Noninvasive, secure exam takes 40 minutes. Validation trials show this lie detection method is 85 percent accurate. News Room